Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wednesday Night (Pre-)Hack #13 - Chisel and IntelliJ Integration

Before getting started.  Make sure the following is complete.

IntelliJ is downloaded and installed.  The Scala plugin for IntelliJ is also installed.

It is unbelievable how simple the process was.  I had never used IntelliJ before, but I am a user and fan of their PyCharm and CLion tools.

1. Create a new Scala project

2. Make sure Project SDK and Scala SDK are properly set

3. Write, compile, and test a small Scala program

For basic testing, use the following shortcuts :

Ctrl-Shift-F9 to compile
Ctrl-Shift-F10 to run

4. Download Chisel from Maven repository

Use: File.. Project Structure.. Global Libraries..

I picked up the following version: edu.berkeley.cs:chisel_2.11:2.2.26

5. Write, compile, and test a small Scala program

One gotcha I encountered was the name of the source file (HelloWorld.scala) needed to match the name of the object containing main function call.

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