Sunday, December 11, 2022

Back online and VSCode!

A kind individual reached out to inform me my blog went down. To myself, I said, I have a blog? 😃 Quick fix to DNS records and we're back online.

I've jumped on the VS Code bandwagon. I was skeptical at first. The desktop front end is sufficiently lightweight and responsive. Working with web alternative VS Code Server is convenient and provides the same (or virtually the same?) experience as the desktop version. So far, I've been impressed with available extensions and the growing community. On the daily, I use Python extension for VS Code, Prettier, and VS Code Vim.

The cherry on top and what sealed the deal for me are the json-based, revision control friendly configuration files. I shared mine in my chezmoi dotfiles repo.

One problem I faced was sharing my config files between VS Code and VS Code Server. Assuming the default location of ${HOME}/.config/Code/User/settings.json in Linux. You can start VS Code Server with the following to pick up the shared settings:

code-server --user-data-dir ${HOME}/.config/Code

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