Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weeknight Hack #17 - Keeping a Pulse

No rocket science tonight.  Just some easy hacking.

I finally root caused the Z-wave device interview failure that I was facing.  The failure was due to a defective daughter board from zwave.me.  I finally got around to trying out the replacement board tonight.

I also resolved networking issues on my Raspberry Pi.  My home router (a very basic one that I've had since college) doesn't support port forwarding to DHCP clients.  I will need the port forwarding to control my HAN from outside the home.  The workaround was setup the Pi to use a static IP.  The router supports port forwarding to static IPs.

It is work in progress to schedule in a weeknight to work on off-the-clock projects.  I hope to resolve this soon (requires coordinating with the wife).  The other issue has been lack of air conditioning in my office (aka. uninsulated garage).