Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Belated Update and Happy Holidays!

It's been rather quiet here, for good reason.

I took a new job last Fall!

As Director of Engineering, I am leading all aspects of hardware development at REX.

My responsibilities, so far, have included: recruiting and staffing of the hardware team, negotiations with CAD, foundry, and IP partners, leading chip architecture, development of front- and back- end CAD flows, RTL design and static timing analysis, and of course, covering all aspects of verification.

REX is a startup in the true sense of the word and the work is highly rewarding.

As the team grows, I will slowly let go of day-to-day RTL coding, CAD flows, and block-level verification and spend more time doing system modeling and hardware/software co-verification.

It's been a great 2015.  Wishing everyone the most joyous holidays and a happy new year!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weeknight Hack #17 - Keeping a Pulse

No rocket science tonight.  Just some easy hacking.

I finally root caused the Z-wave device interview failure that I was facing.  The reason for failure was defective daughter board from  It was a hunch that I had a few weeks back.  On a whim, I obtained a replacement board and only got around to trying it tonight.

Also, I resolved networking issues on my Raspberry Pi.  My home router (a very basic one that I've had since college) doesn't support port forwarding to DHCP clients.  I will need the port forwarding to control my HAN from outside the home.  The workaround was setup the Pi to use a static IP.  The router supports port forwarding to static IPs.

It is work in progress to schedule in a weeknight to work on off-the-clock projects.  I hope to resolve this soon (requires coordinating with the wife).  The other issue has been lack of A/C in my office / workshop (garage actually!).

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mid-June update

It's been a busy month on the home front.  I fell behind on CS100.1x and decided to put that effort on hold.

Here is a wonderful article about goal setting and how it may not be optimal:

The synopsis of the article is to focus on a system (i.e. weekly blogging) rather than having a singular focus on a goal.  This would have helped me, more than you can imagine, in my previous life as a competitive distance runner.

Monday, June 8, 2015

We^D^D Monday Night Hack #16 - N/A

I reached the anti-climactic end of the Google foobar challenge.  Quite unfortunate.  Last night, I was working on a level 3 problem (spring_cleaning).  I had 4 of 5 test cases passing and, fast forward a day, had a good hunch idea on why the last test case was failing.

I found out after the fact that Google was using this challenge as a recruiting tool.  Brilliant!  I honestly had no idea.  I am not sure how it works, but I would assume that breaking level 5 in the predefined period of time might indicate an exceptional computer scientist - at which point they'd engage their army of recruiters :P  I am humbled by those that can pull that off.

Tomorrow, I will be participating in Qualcomm's (my employer) first ever Data Mining Competition.  I'll spend the rest of the evening working on CS100.1x in preparation.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday Night Hack #15 - foobar and CS100.1x

Tonight, I spent time on Google's foobar coding challenge.  It was good opportunity to hone my Python skills.  I'll update once I crack level 3.

I have also registered and started another massively online course.  This time CS100.1x, Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark offered by BerkeleyX.  Time commitment for this one looks minimal. The syllabus estimates 25 hours over 5 weeks.  I'll update with a recap afterwards.