Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Night Hack #2 - BARF

Tonight, I continued to work on the front end tool described in last week's blog post:  I found a clever name for the script: barf (build and run flow).  It's too late in the evening to post details, so I will be brief.  Besides the name change, I implemented an object oriented build pipeline.  The user can describe the stages of their build and run flow using Python objects.  The execution of the objects is controlled by a centralized class.  While it may be outside of the scope of this (yet to be determined effort), this would allow the jobs to be executed in parallel.  I also added a mechanism for a job stage to pass information from one another.  An example use case is for the synthesis step to pass an object to the place and route step.  Finally, I created two build stages.  The first to create an Active-HDL work library (vlib) and the second to compile Verilog file (vlib).

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