Sunday, May 3, 2015

MITx course done, what's next ...

I am just about finished with the MITx course that I was taking.  Now that that monkey is off my bank, I can get back to my regular schedule of tinkering.

The 2nd RISC-V workshop has been announced.  I may or may not put together another poster.  I recently read Laszlo Bock's book and will certainly post a review of it.  In fact, I have a few other books that will be interesting to blurb about.

On the home front, the home automation effort has begun.  This will be exciting!  The wife is also excited!  A z-wave enabled door bolt is on the way, but I've yet to decide what type of controller to use.  All signs point to one from Mi Casa Verde, but I may hold off for a product with a more refined software ecosystem, or robust interface to script all triggers myself ;)

For hardware, it is time to dig into Chisel more. I may or may not be partnering with another group to work on a project in this area.

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