Friday, January 12, 2018

Mid-January Update

November was mostly about writing a grant proposal for DARPA.  It has been 110% technical work since then.  Beginning in February, I will shift to writing pretty PowerPoint slides for the company.   I should have a minimum viable prototype by then.

I worked on an experiment to build a continuous integration environment for the software assets of the RISC-V Foundation; learning Groovy and Gradle the process.  The prototype uses Jenkins2 for which I have been pleasantly surprised.  My previous experience was Jenkins 1.x.  I published source code for the prototype here.  I plan to volunteer some time to help coordinate some this activity.  It is a small <5%-of-week commitment.

I began to move parts of my internal wiki to GitHub gists.  I plan to add more over time.

Finally, I am accumulating notes on how to bootstrap RocketChip.  You can find the notes here

Also, compared to six months ago, I am beginning to feel very comfortable writing functional code using Scala.  I struggle a bit here and there (i.e., when recursion comes into play), but overall it is a positive experience.  If I had time, I would love to take an advanced class.  It would be interesting to re-learn data structures, algorithms through a functional lense.

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