Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hello World!

Watch out world, I have established my online presence!

Back in 2007, I graduated from Queen's University with a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering (emphasis on computer architecture).  The most difficult part in obtaining this degree was not the technical work, course work, or the academic research involved, as all of this comes (somewhat) naturally to me.  Writing research papers and ultimately a thesis did not.

Completing the degree was a great experience.  Without it, I would not have landed a killer job at Sun Microsystems in Santa Clara, CA where, initially, I worked on the Rock processor core.  It was an incredible experience!  Now, with a handful of years in industry under my belt, a second take away for me is that no matter how brilliant or sharp an engineer may be, communication skills (both written and interpersonal) trump all else.

So, writing skills are a valuable asset and they do not come naturally to me.  Practice makes perfect, thus no better reason to start a blog!  I also have a number of interesting projects brewing that could benefit from this type of outlet.

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